Katrina W. | El Camino Los Gatos

To say Caitlin is amazing would be an understatement… she’s incredible! Caitlin is very knowledgable about many different birthing processes. She was supportive and able to help even when our birth didn’t go exactly as planned. She asks great questions and provides information to allow my husband and I to make informed decisions. It was so helpful to have her for the birth process, since it was something brand new to my husband and I, and we didn’t know what we were doing! Caitlin is calm and supportive, offering a variety of techniques for relaxation. She was also very helpful in supporting my husband, if he needed to go get food, or showing him massage techniques so he could be a contributing member during the labor process. Caitlin made our birthing experience as amazing as we had hoped, we can never thank her enough!

Ashley P. | Sutter Antioch

Caitlin was my doula during my surrogate pregnancy. To be honest, I didn’t really know what a doula was/actually did but noticed I had an “allowance” for doula services in my surrogacy contract and decided to look into it. Caitlin came highly recommended by a friend of mine. Teaming up with her was hands down THE BEST decision of my entire pregnancy. I would NEVER labor/deliver again without Caitlin by my side.

During my prenatal visits, she offered valuable tips and information and was able to answer so many of my questions. She is so invested in what she does and it definitely shines through in her work.

She was essential in ensuring I had the birth I had visualized. She showed up early, the morning of my scheduled induction and stayed long after she had to. She made sure I was completely comfortable before leaving. She was strong, kind and affirming every step of the way. I had a hospital birth and she was an amazing advocate for me. She walked me around the halls, helped get me into comfortable positions and held me/distracted me during my epidural. She was an expert guide and translator for my husband and the hospital staff. When I wanted to quit and give in, she reminded me of my strength and my end goal. Shes passionate, energetic and a just very kind person. My husband made a comment that Caitlin’s being there made him feel so at ease and relaxed. He felt like she took so much of the pressure off of him and he could actually relax some.

Caitlin began checking in on me the day I left the hospital and hasn’t stopped. I have been dealing with PPD and Caitlin has gone above and beyond to be here for me, even though I know she doesn’t have to be. The support she has offered has been so helpful and appreciated.

I will be forever grateful for her support during one of the most memorable experiences of my life. From the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU, Caitlin. I went in looking for a doula and came out with an amazing friend.

Shayne A. | Alta Bates

We hired Caitlin as our doula for the birth of our second child – we relocated from the city where our daughter was born and had to start from scratch with the search for our support person.  I felt so lucky to find Caitlin so easily – she was responsive, clear, and, after we hired her, she was incredibly helpful with all the hiccups I encountered throughout my pregnancy, even if I just needed a sympathetic reply.

When I was admitted for my delivery, Caitlin was already set to come meet me and she immediately jumped in to give me the support we had discussed and that I needed.  I so appreciated that she was proactive without hovering – she had a huge repetoire of ways to offer her support, too, and she was flexible as the situation evolved, with hands on techniques, aromatherapy, humor, and even just providing a wonderful sounding board for making decisions.  It honestly felt like I had a friend in the room, instead of a stranger.

We also hired Caitlin to take our maternity and newborn photos, which we love, and to encapsulate my placenta, with which I have had a great outcome.

I couldn’t recommend Caitlin more highly – while my labor and delivery didn’t go according to plan (because they rarely do), I am happy with how it turned out (aside from just being in love with our new baby boy), and I credit a great deal of that to Caitlin’s help in keeping me focused and sane throughout it all.

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