Frequently Asked Questions

How many clients do you schedule each month?

  • Ideally, no more than 4-5 due dates per month

Where do you live and how far will you travel?

  • I live outside city limits in Livermore on a small farm.
  • I am willing to travel but prefer to stay within a 2 hour radius. There’s a nominal $.50 mile fuel surcharge for anything over 120 miles round trip.
  • 15-30 minutes to the following hospitals:
    • Sutter/Kaiser,  Antioch or Tracy
    • Valley Care, Pleasanton
  • 45- 60 minutes to the following hospitals:
    • John Muir Medical Center, Walnut Creek
    • Washington Hospital, Fremont
    • Alta Bates, Berkeley
    • Kaiser, Hayward, Modesto, Oakland, San Leandro or Walnut Creek
  • 60-90 minutes to the following hospitals:
    • Good Samaritan, San Jose
    • Sutter Davis, Davis
    • UCSF Medical Center, San Francisco

Will you be out of town when you are on call?

  • While I rarely leave town, I will only schedule time away when I do not have clients due.

Do you have a backup doula or photographer?

  • Yes. It is important to find a doula or photographer that partners with similar professionals, should a backup be needed.

What if I go into labor early?

  • From 38 weeks and on, I’m on call. If labor is earlier than 38 weeks, my backup or I will be there. Again, I’m usually in town, due to farm obligations.

What is I have a history of rapid labor or signs or rapid labor?

  • If you have a history of rapid labor, be sure to tell me, so we can plan accordingly.
  • If you have signs of rapid labor, call me ASAP. I’ll skip my shower or meal and head your way.  Learn more about rapid labor here.

Do you provide medical care?

  • I’m not licensed or qualified to provide medical care. Your doctors, nurses, midwife and/or  OB/GYN will provide all of your medical care. My role is to provide non-medical care.

Do you take insurance?

  • Birth doulas are covered by some insurance plans. Confirm with your insurance company in advance. Some clients use health savings accounts for birth doulas.

Can you attend a home birth or deliver my baby at home?

  • I can attend a home birth and would be happy to meet your midwife in advance.
  • I CANNOT deliver your baby. Learn more here. Doulas have been present for unplanned, home births due to rapid labor. If this happens, I will call 911.

Can you provide support if my pregnancy needs to be terminated?

  • Yes. If you need to, have to, choose to terminate your pregnancy or are having a miscarriage, absolutely, support is available.

What is placenta encapsulation?

  • Placenta encapsulation is a process of placing it into pills, so it can be conveniently taken, like a vitamin.

Will our names or photos be shared through social media?

  • Only approved images, if any, will be shared, after permission is granted.

Can you blur private parts?

  • Yes, if you would like this option. It’s very subtle and provides privacy to both you and your baby.

Who will have access to my photos and where will they be stored?

  • Just you and me. I will keep photos stored on my computer until I have turned over a copy to you (either CD or USB flash drive). After that, I’ll store them for a period of time and then purge them. I encourage you to keep extra copies (digital or printed).