Birth Doula

Serving families at home, in a hospital, or a birthing center. I am commited to upholding your wishes and advocating for the birth you want.

Birth doulas are labor coaches. They provide non-medical support during labor. This includes emotional, physical, mental and educational care. Doulas help you develop a realistic birth plan, uncover your goals, and give you guidance on advocating for yourself and baby. The birthing process can be very empowering, in addition to emotionally and physically challenging. My goal is to help you become actively involved, and more importantly, informed, about your choices. I will support those choices and provide guidance, encouragement and compassion. I can attend births in a hospital, birth center or home setting.

After the initial connection (phone call, text or email), we will meet in person, at your home or a quiet coffee shop, with your birth partner. The home provides an intimate setting and helps you assess your comfort level with me, but if you are more comfortable meeting in a public setting, that is great too. The primary goal of the interview is to determine if you are comfortable with me, and if we will work well together as a team. We usually meet for about (1) hour.

If you feel we are a good match, I’ll send over a contract, you’ll remit payment and we will schedule (2) additional prenatal meetings. These meetings will focus on practical coping techniques, breathing exercises, and a variety of labor positions. If you like, I can send articles, handouts and worksheets prior to these prenatal meetings, so you’ll be prepared.

I am not a replacement for childbirth education, newborn care or lactation classes, but I do complement those classes. I highly encourage educating yourself as much as possible. Remember, this is your birthing experience. I can’t do it for you, but I can help you find strength in moments of struggle, hold your hand and support you, as you welcome your new role as parents. I want this birth to be yours. Every birth is unique. Having the right doula will make all the difference.

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