About Me

img_3107-caitlin During the birth of my first niece, I felt at home in the labor and delivery room. This was where I belonged. Amidst the stress of my younger sister in labor for over 33 hours, I had a calm and peaceful feeling wash over me. I spoke up as needed, encouraged her when I felt she would benefit from something I had to say, providing the physical and emotional support she needed, in tandem with her husband. I felt so empowered as a woman watching her give birth. Her body was clearly designed for bringing life into this world. To say the least,  she was very inspirational. Not only was I there to support her and her husband, I was able to help them retell their story of their growing family through photos.

In addition to having a growing farm, with dairy goats, chickens, I share this farm with an amazing husband, Stephen. I knew that to remain a healthy and happy person, I needed more from my life. My last office job didn’t provide me with the personal satisfaction I desired. While I earned my B.S. in Design at UC Davis, I had no desire to go back to commuting to San Francisco, to work in that field.  I needed to do something that really mattered.

With much soul searching, a life changing event, and a leave of absence from work, I began additional education and training to become a birth doula. I have since found that continuing education in this field was always available. I appreciate working in a field where there is always to evidence on how to improve outcomes and appreciate the supportive nature of the doula community.

In addition to basic training as a doula, I continue to deliver 20-30 goats each year on my farm. It continues to be a source of inspiration and excitement. While I love to see an uncomplicated delivery, I am skilled in more complicated and challenging births.

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